Silicone glass bottle


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Material dust cover: food grade PP screw cap inner food grade PP, surface food grade silicon gel nipple, straw, silicone sleeve.

Applicable age: Applicable to all stages of breastfeeding

Silicone feeding bottle

Characteristics of the pacifier: 

1. It has the function of stretching very softly at once, and the baby's tongue can perform the same free movement as sucking breast milk. 

2. It will not be damaged during breastfeeding, and it will be sucked regularly and regularly like breast milk.

3. The breast-like design allows the baby to open his mouth for the purpose of sucking movement.

Characteristics of the bottle:

1. The bottle body is designed according to the ergonomic 45 degree arc shape, easy to hold and easy to take, and the mother can conveniently control the breastfeeding posture, bringing a new experience of bottle feeding and breastfeeding for the baby.

2. Scientific air conduction system, reduce milk bubbles, avoid feeding troubles, baby sucking milk into smooth.

3. The bottle height borosilicate crystal glass material, safe high temperature resistance 600 °C positive and negative temperature difference 200 ° C does not contain bisphenol BPA wide mouth 44MM caliber easy to pour milk powder easy to clean environmentally friendly ink decal scale safety and health more design space sense.

4. The nipple is made of food grade silicone material, breast milk texture anti-flatulence design and thread design, free to bend and stretch is conducive to the baby's oral development.

5. Gravity ball suction pipe: equipped with anti-flatulence pipette cover, regardless of the baby sitting or lying, you can suck.

6. Bear-shaped silicone protective cover: the use of food-grade silicone material, no bisphenol A, BPA and other harmful substances, can effectively prevent falling and explosion-proof, but also can be insulated, especially suitable for autumn and winter seasons, while the cute and cute shape is especially good for the baby. Attractive, you can exercise your baby's intellectual development, so that your baby falls in love!

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